Friday, February 28, 2014

Are you stuck in a rut?

So around this time of the year, resolutions start to get old and harder to commit to. Is this you?? We know that even coming to class gets hard...with all the directions that we are pulled daily! Please stay strong! Taking some time for you is very important! Exercise is so important to keeping your stress level down, clearing your head, and overall health. Stay strong! You can do this! If you need to wake up early or stay up late, please do it! God wants us to keep our bodies healthy. This is the only one that we get!! It is also very important for you to watch your diet! If you are trying to lose is the key! Eat as much fresh and less processed! Shop on the outer edges of the grocery store and not as much down the aisles. Stay strong!! Here is a great website with a lot of videos that you can do at home. We enjoy these too. There are so many that you can choose high intensity workouts or low impact barre videos. Copy and paste this link to get to the videos. Remember you can do these this month when we don't have class for Spring Break!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Class is on! 2/20!

Class is on tonight. We will start right at 6:30 so that we are finished right at 7:30 (no abs...we want to get home before storm gets bad). Feel free to check your phone during class for updates on weather. We will be. See you before 6:30!