Sunday, April 6, 2014

He first loved us!

Our verse this month is 1 John 4:19 "We love because He first loved us." Let's stop and think about this… The verse doesn't say He loved us because we did anything. He loves us in our brokenness. He loves us with our faults. He loves us even though we gossip. He loves us even though we don't do what we say we will. He loves us when we fail. He loves us even though we are not perfect. He loves us… If Christ can love us so much…with us who we really are…then why can't we do the same? We should love others who are broken. We should love others with faults. We should love others who gossip. We should love others who don't do what they say they will. We should love others that fail. We should love others because no one is perfect…except Him. And He loved everyone and set that example. I'm encouraging you this month to love others. This will look like: thinking of others first, controlling what you say to spare feelings of others, getting to know others, reaching out to others you know are in need. I'm asking that you SHOW Christ's love. Easter is later this month. Won't you invite someone to church and show them Christ's love. It is the ultimate gift. If you need some place to come, please come talk to us.

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