Monday, October 5, 2015

Accountability group?

We encourage you to talk/text/email with your accountability group once a week this month. If you need a group please let us know!!

  • Behavioral accountability is choosing to be honest with another person or group of people about our obvious habits or tendencies.  Do we overspend or blow our budget? Are we lazy at our jobs? Do we gossip or slander someone’s reputation? Do we lose our temper with our spouses or children? Are we addicted to anything? Is technology or work stealing attention from our families? Do we lack spiritual discipline? Do we neglect making opportunities to share our faith? Confessing these sorts of struggles is very important: it stops bad habits from festering into deeper issues. But it is only the beginning of helpful accountability.
  • Motivational accountability is choosing to be honest with another person or group of people about the desires and thoughts that truly drive and move us. This is about getting to the “sin beneath the sin.” It may not even be sin of which we are consciously aware, so we need another set of eyes to help us see what we cannot. Motivational accountability requires really knowing one another and asking the hard heart questions. Are we fascinated with Christ and the gospel? Do I find great joy in God? What do we desire more than anything else? What do we find ourselves daydreaming or fantasizing about? Do we covet anything? Do we think more about how we can serve ourselves or how we can boast in Christ and serve others? Are we holding on to bitterness? Where do our thoughts drift to when we enter social settings? Where do our thoughts take us when we are all alone? What lies do we believe that continually drive us to disobey God? Do we love anything more than God?
We would love to hear how your groups are doing!!

Costume Zumba is 29 this month. Start planning what you are going to wear. We will have drawings for prizes for everyone that participates!!

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  1. My problem is spending. It is pretty small scale. A pair of ankle boots from Walmart. A necklace from the Kroger Marketplace. Not big bucks but still things I could do without. We are self employed. My husband and I have a business together. And I have been convicted lately and fight with my husband. I feel devalued. He feels disrespected. Now I am almost feeling it is uncontrollable. But I know it is. What am I missing??